Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Causing traffic problems? Lock 'em up.

...All the developers over the years who built the houses which sprawl for scores of kilometres, making it almost inevitable that hundreds of thousands ... will use private vehicles to go to work, shop and go about their daily lives.
...Everyone who argues that wider and more roads are the solution to traffic problems, because all the evidence instead demonstrates more cars and therefore more congestion is the inevitable result. All those who choose to live too far from work to use public transit or walk or ride a bike.
...All those who object to well-planned densification of single family neighbourhoods.
...all those who promote an economic system that requires us to choose between ever more growth or the misery of depression/recession. In this car-addicted society that inevitably means more automobiles and therefore more traffic jams....

Gary Engler on Commondreams

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