Sunday, March 13, 2011

Driving into the city -- to see flowers

The flower show is a time of irony. Honking horns, parking mania. Big, stinking, flora-killing vehicles descending on the city. Acres of paved-over paradise to speed the journey. The self-satisfied suburbanites pop out and scamper to the show. The beautiful flowers are locked and guarded behind cement. Heaven forbid the homeless might get to see them. Then, for the return home, the beast-vehicle is retrieved from its temporary cement cave. Home it speeds, home to low-tax, good-school, sprawl heaven.

Yo, people. You can keep living in subsidized sprawl-ville. But please stop voting against public transit. We are tired of supporting your wasteful lifestyle. We would like to make the whole city a garden and take the flowers out from behind the locked doors and the extra police protection.

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