Sunday, October 23, 2011

Careerism and a cause.

A wannabe movie maker strongly encouraged some people to block a busy city street with 15 people as a protest against police brutality. These fifteen would have easily fit on the sidewalk. The city held off as long as possible, then was forced to arrest them. Their numbers were so small that their right to free speech did not require blocking the whole street.

This action was NOT approved in the GA of #occupyphilly. And Occupy Philly sources who talked to the press strongly confirmed this.

The corporate press and assorted trolls jumped on the story and it even was on livestream as the first Occupy Philly arrests. The group did nothing to disabuse anyone of this misconception and even released a statement of demands to the press.

We wish the movie maker success in his career. But respectfully ask him not to blur the lines between his stunts and legitimate protest.

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