Sunday, October 20, 2013

Officials believe Paoli economic future hinges on state transport bill

dailylocal : "Judy Huey, an association board member and owner of the Paoli Village Shoppes, also believes much is at stake in the upcoming vote on the transportation bill. “I look around and I see a falling-down train station, nightly traffic jams on Route 30, people who can’t cross the road safely and empty buildings in the center of town,” Huey said. “This could all be improved. This transportation project could change the whole area. I’m not sure Paoli can continue to exist a decade from now without the improvements this bill can bring.”"

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pennsylvania starving #publictransit against the trends

Why Trains Shouldn't Be Better Than Buses: "But despite the relative decline of driving, public transit is in trouble in America. Since the beginning of the recession, 85 percent of American transit systems have been forced to cut services or raise fares. Pittsburgh was forced to eliminate a third of its bus routes, while Detroit has lost half of its bus lines since 2005. Now it looks as though Philadelphia will be next."

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