Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enough to make the Onion jealous

Teabaggers want better public transit so they can protest government spending. Yes. You read that correctly. WallStreetJournalBlog [be sure to read the comments too, you are in for a treat]

Here is a sample of the comments...
I guess WAMTA made the logical assumption that all the self-sufficient, government-hatin’, freedom-defendin’ Tea Party crowd would rather have been caught dead rather than use a socialist, one-size fits-all, government-run, public-option transit system. Surely their belief in the superiority of the free market in providing all services should have prompted them to support hard-working, taxi-driving entrepreneurs rather than than the lazy, inefficient, unionized workers who try to keep Metro running despite chronic underfunding from Congressmen like Brady. Who would have known that these modern day Paul Reveres and Thomas Paines would have betrayed their ideals just to avoid a little traffic and some parking difficulties?...

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