Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today is World Car-Free Day

2008 Car-Free Day in London, England
An estimated 50,000 cyclists joined the London Freewheel, Britain's biggest mass cycle ride.Link

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enough to make the Onion jealous

Teabaggers want better public transit so they can protest government spending. Yes. You read that correctly. WallStreetJournalBlog [be sure to read the comments too, you are in for a treat]

Here is a sample of the comments...
I guess WAMTA made the logical assumption that all the self-sufficient, government-hatin’, freedom-defendin’ Tea Party crowd would rather have been caught dead rather than use a socialist, one-size fits-all, government-run, public-option transit system. Surely their belief in the superiority of the free market in providing all services should have prompted them to support hard-working, taxi-driving entrepreneurs rather than than the lazy, inefficient, unionized workers who try to keep Metro running despite chronic underfunding from Congressmen like Brady. Who would have known that these modern day Paul Reveres and Thomas Paines would have betrayed their ideals just to avoid a little traffic and some parking difficulties?...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

West Memphis, Arkansas can have it, why can't we?

...On Thursday, officials from West Memphis and MATA met to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their collaboration. Offering free bus service wasn't a popular idea, said West Memphis Mayor Bill Johnson.
"We were criticized. They said it wouldn't be utilized, it wasn't necessary and people wouldn't ride it," Johnson said. "We average over 20,000 (riders) a month."... Commercial Appeal

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tired of looking for parking?

Septa and Phlash get you to Penn's Landing with no parking to worry about. Imagine if they were fare-free. There would be much more freedom of movement, less congestion, and fewer cars circling center city blocks looking for a place to park.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Medhanie Estiphanos - Free Public Transportation

Where do you stand on residential parking permits? [from myasara] What about congestion pricing? [from Mike]

Medhanie Estiphanos: My goal is to lift as many cars off the road as possible as they are bad for our environment, health, and economy. This is why I am a strong advocate for free public transportation. However as a former resident of California and former habitual driver, I also see the need for and appreciate residential parking permits. Therefore, I support it.
Medhanie Estiphanos.
Regarding congestion pricing, I fully support it as long as the revenue generated by congestion pricing goes towards reducing the cost of public transportation. Implementing congestion pricing and allowing the cost of public transportation to continue to spiral upward does not at all address the lack of fairness in the City – because you will then make all transportation expensive.
Moreover, congestion pricing without cheap or free public transportation will reduce traffic in Manhattan but may increase it Brooklyn and the other boroughs. This would be very poor urban planning. NYTimes