Friday, September 11, 2009

Medhanie Estiphanos - Free Public Transportation

Where do you stand on residential parking permits? [from myasara] What about congestion pricing? [from Mike]

Medhanie Estiphanos: My goal is to lift as many cars off the road as possible as they are bad for our environment, health, and economy. This is why I am a strong advocate for free public transportation. However as a former resident of California and former habitual driver, I also see the need for and appreciate residential parking permits. Therefore, I support it.
Medhanie Estiphanos.
Regarding congestion pricing, I fully support it as long as the revenue generated by congestion pricing goes towards reducing the cost of public transportation. Implementing congestion pricing and allowing the cost of public transportation to continue to spiral upward does not at all address the lack of fairness in the City – because you will then make all transportation expensive.
Moreover, congestion pricing without cheap or free public transportation will reduce traffic in Manhattan but may increase it Brooklyn and the other boroughs. This would be very poor urban planning. NYTimes

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