Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rendell makes case for action on transportation | AP | 07/21/2010

Rendell makes case for action on transportation | AP | 07/21/2010: "HARRISBURG - Gov. Rendell is trying to drive home the dire condition of Pennsylvania's highways, bridges and mass transit systems.

Rendell testified before the state Senate Transportation Committee today, and blitzed committee members with photos of deteriorating bridges and highways in their districts.

He warned them that those problems will not get fixed without new money, and said that failure to act in the next couple months would mean missing next summer's construction season, too.

The governor is presenting lawmakers with a variety of ideas about how to raise more money, including an increase in the gas tax.

He also says he will undertake a cross-state bus trip in August to illustrate the problem."

Ok. Now let us hear from the anti-tax whiners: "Oh no - you are going to the burden the poor working people -- dependent on their family car --- with taxes." Yes, we ARE burdened. But where are the anti-tax people when tax money is being splurged on their pet sprawl projects and endless road-building. We ARE dependent on the family car. You might even say enslaved by it. But it is time for everyone to stop and ask themselves. Why is that?

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