Friday, March 16, 2012

People want public #transit, but frackers run the PA government

Rabbit Transit ridership rises with gas prices, hiring - York Dispatch: "Whatever the reason, ridership continues to increase this year, Farr said. For January, Rabbit Transit provided 129,380 fixed-route rides and 7,728 express, or commuter, rides. In January 2011, the bus service provided 111,204 route and 5,931 express rides.
For the month of February, 133,956 route and 7,654 express trips were provided this year compared to 118,596 fixed and 5,962 express rides in 2011.
Ride requests continue to grow as Rabbit Transit is getting calls and emails from people interested in more rides going east and west on Route 30 and to Harrisburg, Farr said.
Funding: However, with the state transportation funding in crisis, Rabbit Transit cannot get the additional money needed to expand services, Farr said. There is no state funding available to fix local buses or purchase new buses for additional runs, he added.
"It's both the best of times and the worst of times for us," he said, referring to Rabbit Transit's ridership increases amid its financial challenges."

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