Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Philadelphia to close 37 schools, but there is a simple way to attract people back from the suburbs

Teachers, Students And Parents Gather To Protest Closing Of 37 Philadelphia Schools « CBS Philly: "PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The School District of Philadelphia held its latest public meeting at South Philadelphia High School on Tuesday night, and those attending were greeted by protestors fighting the impending closure of 37 schools."
Degrowth is not a policy, it is a physical reality. There is no more cheap oil. Even if we clawed all the money back from the billionaires, we could not make sprawl sustainable. Transit-riding, low-paid urbanites have subsidized the suburbs for a hundred years. It is time to turn this around. Make public transit fare-free. This will save millions of dollars and reduce the congestion, expense, and noise of urban traffic. The city will become more attractive and we can gradually deconstruct the sprawl nightmare.

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